ASPIRE Curriculum

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What Is Different
Gifted endorsed, highly qualified subject area teachers offer curricula in the core subjects of math, science, social studies, and language arts which challenge students at their levels of intellectual abilities. Additionally, students’ interests are melded to create a project-based learning class that convenes every day. Students also choose another elective such as technology or the arts, including symphony orchestra, choir, and band. This interdisciplinary approach is reflective of the unique way gifted children learn, and creates a seamless transition between the ASPIRE Academy and the PACE program with which many of Tempe Elementary School District's gifted K-5 students are familiar.

Why It Matters
Gifted students learn differently. They often learn at a rapid pace, delve intellectually deep, and make countless connections among and between topics and subjects. They need an environment that offers curricula that match these unique learning strategies. Their curiosity, creativity, intensities, sensitivities, and advanced learning styles must be embraced and appreciated by their teachers and classmates. A school of like-minded peers with teachers who understand and enjoy the needs of gifted learners allows these students to flourish intellectually, socially, and emotionally in a healthy atmosphere.