About Our School

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Mission Statement

The Scales Technology Academy community is committed to excellence in education, technology integration, and high expectations where all students achieve academic mastery and personal success as measured by ongoing academic and behavioral data analysis. 

Scales Technology Academy Student Pledge:

I am a Kid at Hope.
I am talented, smart, and capable of success.
I have dreams for the future and
I will climb to reach those goals and dreams everyday.
All Children are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!


Our Vision 
Failure is not an option.  Our community will work tirelessly to help every student turn their power on, so they will be able to take advantage of any opportunity or handle any challenge that comes before them.

School Report Card
The purpose of the School Report Card Program, maintained by the Arizona Department of Education, is to provide comprehensive, yet concise, accurate information about each Arizona school in a standard format which is easy to understand, allows meaningful comparisons to be made among schools, and shows school accomplishments from year to year. You may view the Rover School report card by visiting the Arizona Department of Education website.
The goal of the School Report Card Program is to disseminate this information to students, parents and interested community members so that they can work together with their schools to ensure that Arizona provides every student with access to an extraordinary education.