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President - Michael Wiggins

Vice President - Rowina Manygoats

Secretary  - Jazmin Aguilar

Treasurer - Yessica Moreno


Why should I join the PTA?

The PTA provides opportunities to meet and network with other parents, teachers, and school administrators. There's no better way to know what's happening in your child's school and community. Becoming a member is a great way of showing support for the many things the PTA does for our school and children.

What is PTA Membership?

Membership means paying an annual registration fee of $6 per person to be counted as a member of the Parent Teacher Association. With that membership, you receive a membership card from Holdeman Huskies PTA. Additionally, your membership adds to numbers that support State and National PTA lobbying efforts with the goal of improving education.

What do I have to do as a member?

Holdeman Huskies PTA encourages parent and community involvement to support our children in their academic and social education; however, becoming a member of PTA does NOT mean that you must commit to volunteer hours or attend every meeting – we respect that you do only what you can, when you can. Even if you can afford no time other than filling out the membership form and sending ion your membership fee, we welcome you and your support, as the information you learn through our PTA correspondence (Facebook page and bi-monthly newsletter) will really help you stay connected with your school community.

Can I attend meetings and PTA functions, or volunteer, if I am not a member?

Everyone is always welcome to come to meetings and special functions or help out. Membership is not required. However, you are required to be a member to vote at the meetings or to serve as a board member (either as an elected officer or as an appointed chairperson).

What did Holdeman Huskies PTA do last year?

  • Peter Piper Pizza for each student who attended
  • Water & Otter Pop on Meet the Teacher Night
  • Candy bags in October
  • Student incentives
  • Gift cards for top 3-4 sellers (fundraiser)
  • Ice makers for the health office and for the teacher's lounge
  • Cake donation for the fifth-graders
  • Donation to festival
  • Donation for parent volunteers
  • Teacher/Nurse Appreciation Week breakfast and lunch
  • Snacks/pizza for PTA meetings
  • Cookies for top box top class
  • and much more!