About Our School

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Mission & Vision
The mission of Broadmor School is to assure and provide customized learning experiences for kindergarten through fifth grade students, honoring cultural diversity, in partnerships with parents, higher education and business, to provide comprehensive educational programs that fully develop  the unique talents and gifts of all students so as to prepare them for life in an informational age.

In Broadmor Elementary School, WE BELIEVE:

• All students are of inherent and infinite worth.
• All students can learn.
• Everyone has the right to learn.
• Everyone has the right to a healthy and safe school.
• Education is the shared responsibility of the school, home, student and community.
• Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity, honesty and respect.
• Students have the right to learn in a peaceful, caring and meaningful way.
• Students have the right to participate in and choose activities in addition to the required curriculum so as to develop their individual talents and gifts.
• Everyone is responsible for his or her decisions and actions.
• The paramount obligation of our school and community is to develop and nurture each child's potential through education.
• Cultural diversity is enriching and important to our school.
• Students have the right and responsibility to acquire the essential skills in reading, writing, language arts, artistic expression, the sciences, mathematics and foreign languages.
• Students have the right and responsibility to develop and live by a system of values and beliefs.

School History

Broadmor Elementary opened in 1955, named for the housing development that would soon go up around the school. The school originally had 18 classrooms and a cafeteria.